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Client Resources

"Clickable" Links to important sites and plan information

  • Client Portal - Please visit your portal to manage your coverage:

    • Change of Address

    • View Explanation of Benefits (EOBs)

    • Find Providers

    • Policy Application

    • Policy Insurance Cards

    • and more

    For Customer Service, please call (844) 451-3427

  • If you did not set up through the welcome email, simply click forgot password. Your username is your email and your policy number is on your ID card

  • United Healthcare Choice Plus PPO Provider Search - Your plan utilizes the United Healthcare Choice Plus PPO network, this is a nationwide network allowing you to utilize doctors around the country. This is the Network you belong to and what type of insurance you will say you have when contacting a Doctor’s Office or Medical Facility.

    Do not say Freedom Life or US Health Group. You will confuse them.

    Click the "Provider Search" above to perform a provider search in your area.

  • MDLIVE - If your plan came with Telemedicine, this is the link to their website and attached below are the app download links. You may use the website or download the app to whichever phone or tablet you have.

    *Note: Just because this link is here does NOT mean that Telemedicine came with your plan; please check with me via call or text: (910) 526-4322

You can download the MDLive App for your phone below to create a FREE account:

For Android users: Download
For Apple users: Download
Phone Number: (888) 430-1519

Free doctor consultations and prescription service over the phone, mobile App, and email as well (available 365/24/7).

  • OptumRx/Caremark - Simply the network for your prescriptions (check your card). You can go to any pharmacy you would like.

    For generic and single use medications I highly recommend GOODRX to find the most up-to-date pricing on prescriptions at pharmacies across the country.

  • Quest Diagnostics

    Largest in-network discount for blood work and labs with your insurance

  • When and How to pay your medical bills:

    You should only pay your medical bills when you have an Explanation of Benefits generated from

    your insurance company.

    You should get an EOB in the mail and via your account at your client portal under "Claims" for every time that you have a service.  This ensures that the health care provider filed the claim properly.

    You should not have to pay anything up front at any healthcare provider in most cases.

    "Provider" letters that came with your packet in the mail that simply explain the process of how

    to file a claim during your first visit with your new insurance or with a new provider. This will help to avoid any unnecessary out of pocket expenses. Download by clicking the link below


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